Welcome to the Basecamp Homepage!Check out the latest news on what´s happening at Basecamp, the Basecamp studios or biographies of the Basecamp Crew Enjoy your stay!Basecamp Group AB Po Box 753 S-12002 Årsta, Stockholm Sweden tel +46 (0)8-722 80 81 cell +46 (0)70-715 48 48 info@basecamp.se Basecamp aim to be a melting pot of songwriters, producers and whoever who can participate with their knowledge to bring out the most interesting music you ever will hear from this country. Many successful artists have come out of Sweden in recent years, and we strive to keep the creativity alive both to take productions to a higher level and to introduce new commercial high-quality songs and exciting artists to an international audience. Among our crewmembers you will also find some of the best and most sought after musicians that Sweden can offer. Niklas Andersson Sören Soren von Malmborg Mattias Haukebö Haukebo Kristian Landren Thomas Lindberg Daniele Musto Henrik Nordenback Esbjörn Öhrwall Esbjorn Ohrwall The Basecamp crewmembers work in the three different studios at Basecamp. All three studios have a perfect combination of the best sounding analogue and valve techniques with the latest up to date digital recording and editing equipment. Basecamp can also offer a huge collection of vintage recording equipment and instruments. Studio 1 is the largest studio, and this is where most of the recording and all the mixing takes place at Basecamp. Studio 2 is the midsize studio and it is mainly used as a writing and pre-production studio. Studio 3 is the smallest studio and shares a recording booth with the neighboring studio 2. It is also mainly used as a writing and pre-production studio. Sofia Loell writes with Basecamp for her new album Swedish artist Sofia Loell is in Stockholm to write with Basecamp for her new album. This is her second visit to Basecamp, and she´s been working with Basecamp writers Thomas Lindberg, Niklas Andersson, Sören Soren von Malmborg and Henrik Nordenback. Peter Andre releases "Insania". Peter Andre releases his long awaited single "Insania". It´s the first single from his upcoming album, and it´s co-written by Basecamp writer Sören Soren von Malmborg and produced by Sören Soren von Malmborg and Niklas Andersson. English artist Ki writes with the Basecamp Crew. English artist Ki is at Basecamp to write new songs. He´s working with Basecamp writers Daniele Musto, Kristian Landgren, Niklas Andersson & Soren von Malmborg. Basecamp #3 on UK Singles Chart. Peter Andre´s single "Insania" has climbed to #3 on the UK Singles Chart. "Insania" is co-written by Basecamp writer Sören Soren von Malmborg, and produced by Sören Soren von Malmborg and Niklas Andersson. Taxi signs to Polydor (UK) and Interscope (US). English band Taxi will be signing a deal with Polydor (UK) and Interscope (US). The debutalbum will be released spring 2005, and includes material written together with Basecamp. Swedish artist Zandra releases her Basecamp produced debutsingle "Can´t stop loving you". Basecamp producers Sören Soren von Malmborg, Niklas Andersson and Esbjörn Öhrwall Esbjorn Ohrwall has produced the debutsingle of Swedish artist Zandra. "Can´t Stop Loving You" , a great pop tune, will be featured on Zandra´s debutalbum. Paula Lobos writes with Basecamp. Swedish artist Paula Lobos continues her writing with Basecamp this week. She´s currently writing for a new album and she´s working with Basecamp writer Daniele Musto. Basecamp mixing Zandra. Basecamp are mixing several tracks this week for Swedish artist Zandra. The tracks are produced by members of the Basecamp Crew and the Murlyn team. VIP´z records at Basecamp. Swedish hiphop group VIP´z are recording their debutalbum at Basecamp. The album is produced by Basecamp homeboy Matthew. Paula Lobos records at Basecamp. Swedish artist Paula Lobos is recording at Basecamp for her new latin-album. Zandra releases debutalbum. Swedish artist Zandra releases her debutalbum this week. The album contains several songs written and produced by the Basecamp Crew. Solano mixing at Basecamp. French rap-artist Solano is mixing this week at Basecamp. Basecamp mixing Avtograf. Biggest ever russian group Avtograf is mixing this week at Basecamp. Jamie Pearce records at Basecamp. English artist Jamie Pearce is in Stockholm this week to record vocals with the Basecamp Crew for his upcoming debutalbum. The album will be produced by Basecamp members Sören Soren von Malmborg & Niklas Andersson and it is scheduled to be finished early next year. Kerb and Basecamp Crew record in Stockholm. British band Kerb is recording with Basecamp Crew Sören von Malmborg and Niklas Andersson for their debutalbum this week. The recordings are taking place at Studio 301 in Stockholm. For more pictures from the recordings, please check out our photogalleries. Kerb back in Stockholm British band Kerb is back in Stockholm this week for more recording at Basecamp. Their debutalbum is planned to be finished in January next year. IK writes with Basecamp Basecamp crewmember Daniele Musto is currently working with british singer IK. The two of them are writing songs for IK´s debutalbum, planned to be released next year. Basecampwriters in norwegian Eurovision Basecampwriters Niklas Andersson, Thomas Lindberg and Kristian Landgren competed yesterday in the norwegian Eurovision. The song "Too much love", performed by norwegian singer Marit Strömöy, was unfortunately not voted through to the next round. Basecamp finishing Jamie Pearce´s debut album Basecamp has just finished mixing the debut album of english artist Jamie Pearce. All tracks on the album are written by Basecamp Crew together with Jamie. The first single "More Than Enough" will be released in january and the album in february. Check out our photogalleries for photos from the recordings or check out Jamie´s website for more information.